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Have you experienced something so traumatic it changed the course of your life? Tracie Davis faced the painful loss of her stepfather (or love father as she recognized him) and channeled her emotion into her poetry.

But Love Is Thicker than Blood is an autobiographical compilation of her poems and other writings, depicting the events that inspired her. Opening with the eulogy she wrote for her father, this emotionally compelling book draws readers in with its beautiful imagery and gripping story.

Even those saved by the blood of Christ will face adversity, struggles, and closed doors.

Tracie Davis shares her journey of faith and encourages you in your own trials as she brings the focus back to the grace of God. Tracie’s poems range from topics such as black history to grieving. She finds inspiration in Scripture and the love of family.

Readers will be encouraged, inspired, and entertained by the different topics and styles that are creatively portrayed to draw you into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Hardcover copies, T-shirts, and wristbands are available through the author.

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